Coconut Gin & Tonic (+ four year blogiversary!)

Coconut Gin & Tonic (+ four year blogiversary!)

Serious question, you guys.

Where THE ACTUAL FK does the time go?! Preeeeetty sure it was just 2016 like yesterday, no?


Coconut Gin & Tonic | Confessions of a Midnight Baker

That said, I’ve come to the conclusion that sometimes being an adult sucks.

Oh, come on. You know what I’m talking about — ADULTING. It’s seriously the worst. Between all the responsibilities & social obligations, the scrambling around to be on time for meetings & appointments (wait, that’s just me? oh, okay), the bills that literally never seem to stop, the hours (and hours and hours) spent at work… the list goes on. and the time continues to fly!

For the love of all that is good in the world, SOMEONE MAKE IT STOP.

Coconut Gin & Tonic | Confessions of a Midnight Baker

But since that wish is not likely to be granted anytime soon, I guesssss I’ll focus on something else for the time being. Like all the reasons why it’s actually awesome to be an adult! and I’ll be sure to share those reasons with you juuuuust as soon as I come up with a few…


I think I’m just bitter right now. and if I had to pinpoint why, it’s probably because it’s been FOUR WHOLE YEARS (!!!) since I started this silly little blog and I’ve posted, what? SIX TIMES?! Alright, maybe seven. My point is that I don’t have nearly enough time in my days to write to you guys regularly and I HATE IT! I mean, I just have SO MUCH I want to share! SO many delicious recipes and tons of cool stuff that I’ve been wanting to tell you ALL ABOUT!


Coconut Gin & Tonic | Confessions of a Midnight Baker

So in celebration of four years of blogging (I use that term loosely), I made you a a drink. and guess what? You can enjoy it WHENEVER you want because — wait for it — YOU’RE AN ADULT!

See what I did there?! Just found my first reason that being an adult is awesome — you can drink any damn time you want (AA, I hear you calling…).

Coconut Gin & Tonic | Confessions of a Midnight Baker

I’ve always been a fan of a classic gin & tonic. Like any respectable young woman, I went through a phase where it became my go-to drink when my friends and I would play at the bars six out of the seven nights a week. I kinda sorta think it stemmed from the fact that it was slightly less than acceptable to drink vodka straight from the bottle while out in public, but that’s neither here nor there, now is it?

Anywho, I’ve since upgraded to scotch and fine wine (you know, ‘cuz I’m cultured and shit), but every so often I get a hankering for a good ol’ G&T.

I discovered my love for coconut water a few years back, and then stumbled across this brilliant combination by Dana (of the Minimalist Baker) — and it was love at first taste. This beverage is a lighter version of your standard gin & tonic, with a refreshing, summery kick of coconut. But mixologists beware: if you don’t like coconut water on its own, chances are slim that you’ll appreciate this drink as much as I’d otherwise hope!

OH, and before I forget to mention…. note that the directions instruct you to STIR and NOT to shake the ingredients. Someone I know miiiiight have had a slight mishap last summer when making a batch of drinks, decided to make multiple coconut G&T’s in a martini shaker to save time and was then left with quite a mess to clean up…

….and that someone might have been me.

Life: 1. Talia: 0.

Coconut Gin & Tonic
Prep Time
Total Time
Yield: 1 drink
  • 2 ounces gin
  • 2 ounces coconut water
  • 2 ounces tonic water
  • juice of ½ lime
  • fresh mint (optional)
  1. Combine all ingredients in your glass and stir to combine; add a large ice cube to chill. Add a sprig of mint and/or a slice of lime for additional flavor.
Notes / Variations

Now go make yourself a drink and let’s cheers to another four (plus!) years of at least a few people reading these occasional ramblings! Oh, and cheers to ADULTING!

On second thought, perhaps you should make it a double…

Confessions of a Midnight Baker

5 thoughts on “Coconut Gin & Tonic (+ four year blogiversary!)

  1. Being an adult does have it’s ups and downs, but that’s life. Add kids to the mix and it’s a circus, but so worth it. You will survive it and before you know it you’ll be looking back fondly on these days you’re lamenting now.
    Can’t wait to try your latest creation. I suggest that you and Pete make a batch, sit outside and watch the sunset and appreciate the beautiful summer night.

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